Great Chiropractic work on my gelding.
by Jennifer Paulson on 2016-05-22

I always feel that my dog, Cruiser, gets the best care. I feel
listened to by the staff and am always recommending Twin
Oaks to my friends with pets.
by Ginny Bellman on 2016-05-18

Great service. I might not be able to recommend to everyone
because they are pricey.
by Judy & Warren Beasley-Tapp on 2016-05-08

Best care ever! I here tragic stories from people about other
veterinary offices and things that happen to their beloved pets! Because I love and value my pet babies this is our place!
by Jim & Cherie Girod on 2016-05-06

All the staff is friendly and professional and I trust the them
with the care of all my animals.
by Ray & Kathy Hoefler on 2016-02-27

I am impressed with the high level of care my dog received at
his 3 visits for chiropractic adjustments. The entire staff is friendly.
by Anon on 2016-02-18

Fabulous, Doc Howard went through all of the saddles and took the time to educate on what we need to look for, and make sure we understood the why's and reasons.
by Melissa Farrier on 2016-02-05

This was my first visit, and the lovely staff fit us in because my
dog was in so much pain. They went above and beyond to take
care of him. The combination of acupuncture and medicine worked wonders for my dog. I am so grateful to have found this practice.
by Gretchen/Ryan Sherman on 2016-01-27 

Very helpful and personal.
by Calvin & Sue Curths on 2016-01-02 

Our 13.5 year old greyhound had gotten so week in the hind
kegs that we thought we would need to put him down. We
thought that we woild give chiropractic a try. The chiropractic
and accupuncture treatments at Twin Oaks have made a
profound difference and our greyhound has regained a good
quality of life. Dont hesitate to give it a try our experience has
been very good and heart warming..
by Hans Lethe on 2015-12-02 

We always appreciate Dr. Howard and Ashley and the way they
take care of our little Clancie. She's fifteen years old TODAY,
and I'm sure she wouldn't be doing as well as she is without the
great care she gets from them. They are both so kind and have
such a calm, nice demeanor that she never seems to feel frightened or too anxious, even though she knows by now that she's going to be poked with acupuncture needles. Thank you, Twin Oaks!
by Richard&Sharon Fergeson on 2015-11-05

Our experience was wonderful, as it always is! It takes us an
hour of driving, each way, and it is worth every minute on the
highway! Clark always comes into your office willingly and
heads right to the cookie jar! After his first treat, he always
hopes for more and usually succeeds! Clark is my 2nd dog to
visit Dr. Howard, because I know very visit is so worthwhile,
both for the acupuncture and adjustment treatments. I
appreciate that Dr. Howard always checks the lab results done
by our primary vet and takes into consideration all aspects of
Clark's health before beginning the treatments, including
talking with our primary vet, as needed. The staff are all very
dedicated to their patients and treat us with the utmost respect.
by Elaine Wilderman on 2015-05-30

I brought my dog in for a new patient exam and to look at her
for luxating patella's. I had been told by another place that she
needed surgery and quoted an astronomical amount. After Dr.
Howard did a thorough exam he said he did not think she
needed surgery. He did a full chiropractic adjustment from
back, hip, and legs. My dog is a little anxious thing and she sat
so well for him and got lots of love and kisses through the
whole thing from the vet tech. They are such compassionate
caring people and I could not imagine going anywhere else. I
would recommend them a million times over.
by Brandy Eurto on 2015-07-11

Great to see online service! Looking forward to introducing our
new corgi girl to all of you!
by John & Brenda Lilly on 2015-05-30 

Dear Dr A My deepest thanks goes out to you from the entire Magnini's family pets Mya, Cisco and Kobi. It was always nice to know that a true professional, and more importantly, a kind and caring doctor was taking care of ensuring the best for our pets. Our wish is that you will keep in contact with those of us who respect and admire you for the wonderful DVM that you are!!! Should you find another practice lucky enough to have you associate with, please send out a notiffication to those of us that would certainly follow you to a new venue.
Sincerely, Karen C ( Kodi's Mom)

We will miss you and I can't thank you enough for all the loving care you have given to my animals. Your love and caring really shone through!!!
Thanks for everything, Chris M, Salem, Wheezer & Bailey

Dear Dr A, You were a true blessing to me and my Ben. I will forever be grateful for the compassion you showed us! And if you join another practice, let me know!
Joanne T & Ben

Dear Dr M, Just wanted to give this gift as a token of my thanks an apppreciation to Dr A for her help. Kind words and gentle manner.
Sincerely, Winston M

"Dear Dr A So sad to hear that you are leaving... Thank you so much for all your kindness!! Best of luck in the future - you will be missed! Kathleen, Dale, Lola & Sasha"

In October I took a giant leap concerning the care of my two boys. That leap landed me at your door. I admit I was very angry at my old vet's way of practice. On my first visit with you I found what we were missing. I found a knowledgeable, caring and awesome doctor for my boys. In Nov, when I found Ben's lump, I was asked by friends and family where I was going and without hesitation I said you. The care and compassion you and your whole staff showed really mattered.
I hope you will find a way to practice your God given talent closer to us. I just wish I found you sooner. If and wherever you will practice, PLEASE let me know!!!
Thank you all again for the love and care you showed Ben, Avery and me in the realtive short time we had the priviledge to call you " our family doctor"!!
Love, Joanne T.

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